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We will discuss about a very painful problem called earpimples, but this is a problem that can be eliminated in a very simplefashion. By visiting a professional dermatologist, the problem will beidentified and treated, with the help from surgical procedures or injections. Washing theears with water and soap is effective way of eliminating moderate or mild earacne. Also, use of topical medications will be needed in these cases as well.But know that treating this problem will need some time. This condition mayneed even six months to be fully eliminated and cured. Children are very prone to pimples in ear. But it is important to know thatthese pimples do not only develop on the skin and externally. They can occur onthe back, neck or face as well. The child will suffer a lot of pain when thepimple erupts in the ear canal. Also, there is a possibility of a skinirritation, because children in these situations cannot restrain from pickingthe erupted pimple or acne. The irritation will be caused by the dirt gatheredunder the fingernails of the child, and it can lead to the infection of the ear aswell. The surrounding skin of the boil is tender, and fills with pus once infected. This is a problem that will emit a lot ofpain, but it will decrease once the pimple or a boil is drained, whichwill also reduce the swelling. Once the pimple bursts, it needs to remain cleanin order to prevent an infection. It is also important not totouch or scratch the pimple until it bursts, since it can lead to aninfection.

Step One

Use soap on an ear, which has been splashed or bathed with warm water. You cando this after a bath as well. When you are done, use warm water and rinse theear gently. Do this two times a day and after exercising.

Step Two

Topical medication that contains benzoyl peroxide needs to be used and it willeliminate the excess production of oil, which is responsible for the development ofacne. If you are having whiteheads or blackheads, you can use medicationcontaining resorcinol, sulfur or salicylic acid.

Step Three

Before you apply the topical medication, give time for an ear to dry off. Thiswill last from 5 to 15 minutes, and after they are up, put some lotion, gel or topicalcream on your finger and place it on the entire ear's surface. Remember tocover the whole area and not only the one on which pimples are.

Step four

The oil from the hair can lead to breakouts if the oil reaches the ear. Use anon-comedogenic, non-acnegenic or oil-free shampoo every two days, since it should prevent this from happening.

Step Five

In order to eliminate the possibility of oil reaching the ear, you should notcover your ears with hair.

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