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Combined Skin Care

Skin vitamins can provide a beautiful skin if you have both partly oily or dry face skin. Combined skin will provide you with the best looking face but it will give you a hard time when maintenance is in question. People who have this type of skin think that they will not have to take any care of it because it is great having it. We tend to overlook our skin and do not provide the care it needs. We may have too many things on our mind or just do not have the time, but skin may become uneven because of the make-up when we least expect it. Expensive concealers, lotions and creams are used every day by the people who are blessed with this type of skin for hiding the unappealing things found under the make-up.


Hydration of the skin is very important and this is why we have to consume the needed amounts during the day. The air conditioner causes the dehydration of the skin so it is important to drink a lot of water while you work. The skin will look dry because the essential oils from the skin will be lost due to dehydration. There is an additional benefit from drinking water and that is frequent visit to the restroom, which will remove you from the screen for a while. The endocrine system and skin will benefit from the intake of water. This text has a combined skin type for its subject and in the following lines, we will provide some tips for this type of skin. This is a very rare type and provides a lot of instructions, sometimes event more than included for the dry and oily skin together.

On two occasions during the day you will have to use mild cleaner on your face. Also, dry areas have to be applied with moisturizer, which will reduce the evaporation of the water from the surface of the skin, or increase the water penetration into the skin. Products like alpha hydroxyl acid and others that will normalize the skin are advised. They have anti-inflammatory abilities and they will provide appealing skin by removing the dead skin cells. Shine can be controlled by the use of make-up with oil absorbing abilities on the oily areas. Also, minimum SPF sunscreen has to be used as well.

Use face and body washes while soaps should be avoided. We advise you to eat fresh fruits because they have the ability to remove toxins from your system, which will result in a glowing skin. The face should be cleaned before you go to bed because during the day many impurities will be attracted to your face skin. Remember to apply a good moisturizer after the cleaning and your skin will be improved the following morning.

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