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One of the most widespread skin problems are the blackheads. Whether they are on face or on some other part of the body, they are equally irritated. Mostly because, it is very hard to maintain the skin blackhead-free, after removing them. Beside the infection they can provoke, and the fact that they look unattractive, their main characteristic is the one of reappearance.

Of course, it is well known that the cleaning of the face with appropriate cosmetic products could prevent or at least reduce an amount of the blackheads, and sometimes the medications are needed to treat the problem.

First of all, a good advice is to stay away of the products that are based on oils and to apply the ones which can be dissolved in water. If one has the skin that produces extra oil, a various kinds of facial masks (such as a mask with clay or some other ingredient that doesn’t force the skin to make an excessive amount of oil) are recommended. On the contrary, if someone’s skin is dry, it is better not to use the masks at all because they may block the pores.

It is highly important to know that the bar soap mustn’t be used because it contains certain ingredients that also block the pores. Also, people should be careful if using the moisturizers, because their skin is more likely to create excessive oil.

The exfoliation is a process of taking off the dead skin cells and because of that it is very useful if having this problem.

If any of those tips doesn’t fix the problem, the last solution is paying a visit to a dermatologist, because he can prescribe one of various types of the medications called retinoids or some other medications that are used for blocking the hormones.

The dark colour of the blackheads is the consequence of the clogged pore’s exposure to the oxygen. One of the main reasons for their dark appearance is the use of the wrong cosmetic products which could be related to the oil that the body produces and that way accumulate in the pores. Even more so, hormones are often causing the appearance of excessive oils.

Having in mind those causes, as expected, the removal of the blackheads and the whiteheads is closely related to them. The most common treatment of the blackheads is getting them away by the pressing from each side. But, there are some useful advices for their removal, such as softening the area with something warm, (but after the washing with a scrub), and patting the face dry between these steps. It is good to know that the pore strips should be avoided because they only help for a short period of time and can peel off an amount of the nearby healthy skin.

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