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Pimple is a consequence of clogged pores and oil glands. This then becomes breeding ground for bacteria. Soon the skin starts swelling and next step is an ugly outbreak. All people had them at some point in their life. They can appear anywhere on the body but they most commonly appear on face, neck, shoulders, back and chest. All age groups suffer from this problem but teenagers and young adults are more prone to them. Pimples can be divided into several groups, whiteheads (remain under the skin and are very painful), blackheads (look like black dots on the skin), papules (pink lumps that are sensitive to touch), pustules (red with the pus on top), nodules (large, painful, settled deep in skin), cysts (contain lot of pus and may leave a scar). Pimples are usually accompanied with pain, redness, pus (shows that a pimple got infected) and sometimes even scarring. Scarring stays when a person touches their pimples, tries to squeeze them unprofessionally and generally does not take care of their face properly.

There are numerous reasons why pimples appear but the most typical ones are hormones (especially teens suffer from this because their hormones wake up and raise), pregnancy (hormones that go crazy together with all body changes cause pimples), birth control pills (some of them may cause pimples so it is important to chose the best one for oneself ), menstruation cycles (when new period starts lots of women get pimples), medication (side effects of some medications are pimples), cosmetics (make up leaves a layer on one’s skin which clogs the pores, thus, it is important to chose natural, hypoallergenic, non-greasy kinds) , heredity. There are several factors that worsen the situation. It is advisable not to wear tight clothing nor hats or helmets for long time. If the air outside is humid and polluted one can also get pimples (dirt and moisture are great for bacteria).

One can try several home remedies to help themselves and cure pimples. One can use vitamins and minerals such as niacin, vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc. One can make a paste from leaves of fenugreek and apply on the pimples (it can be put during night and washed off in the morning). Another good home remedy is a mixture of orange peel and water. Lemon juice is used to help, too. Garlic can be added to one’s diet. Garlic can also be applied on affected areas. Mixture of coriander or mint juice and turmeric powder is a mighty solution for cleaning one’s face and getting rid of pimples. Hot Epsom Salts bath will relax a person and also help in combating acne. Cucumber is a traditional medicine for maintaining beautiful face. One can also create good habits such as regularly cleaning skin (one can use mild cleansers) , not touching their face, not squeezing already existing pimples, shave cautiously etc.

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