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Aromatherapy and Acne

The following lines will focus on the treatment of acne withthe help of the aromatherapy. This natural treatment involves the use ofspecific essential oils, which have antiseptic and antimicrobial attributesthat will make your face clean and the pores unclogged. Skin will be healedwith the help of the holistic medicine, which is maybe one of the most effectivetreatments of this problem. Aromatherapy skin care is very popular, mostly dueto the aromatherapy compress and baths, but know that not all essential oils areappropriate for treating acne. This is why you should get familiar with the essential oil precautionarymeasures and always dilute the oils before use. Dilute the oil with carrier oiland know that the efficient and safe essential oil dilution ranges from the 2to 3% dilution. Teenagers are mostly affected by the acne problem, which,according to some statistical data, attacks 80% of teenagers. But elderlypeople and babies can suffer from this problem as well.


Lumps, scaring, cysts, blackheads and pimples are the most common symptoms ofacne problem, seen on the skin. Acne problem, once it becomes aggravated, causesdepression, pessimism, stress and other bad feelings. Melancholy and stressexperienced in this period have to be managed so it is important to do thissince acne can become worse due to the psychosomatic aspects involved. Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Lavender oil and Tea tree oil are the most importantoils. But the best effects can be reached with a Jojoba vegetable oil mixedwith one of the mentioned oils. Blends have to be distributed with the cotton pad.

Acne is caused by a great numbers of microbes and bacteriabut their outbreak can be reduced with the help from the mentioned essentialoils. They will remove acne spots, heal scars, unclog pores, clear the poresand make the skin supple and fresh due to their antimicrobial and antiseptic abilities.Dilution is best done with the jojoba oil because it is not greasy and makesthe skin exfoliated and moist.Know that you will have to wait for results so be patient and follow someadvice on how to make the treatment faster and more efficient. Facials cannotbe used more then twice during the day, use water to wash the face, lead a healthylife, never scrub scars, spots or pimples, and never use alcohol based faciallotions. There are many aromatherapy recipes available of the internet butalways visit an aromatherapy practitioner before using them. If you do not dothis, there are some side effects that might occur.

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