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More Than a Useful Device

If you are currently undergoing a cardio training routine, or you are planning on doing this in the future, you can benefit incredibly by purchasing a heart rate monitor device. Namely, once you have this device with you, you will be capable of adjusting your training to suit your heart perfectly. Also, you will be aware of all the important data related to your organism during your exercises. Finally, you will have the insight into your burned calories, your cardio training zone and many other aspects of your heart's fitness.

Facts about Cardio Zones

You can best improve your cardio training efficiency by being aware of the cardio training zone you are in during each moment of your workout. There are five different cardio zones. Usually, you would spend most of your time in the second, temperate zone or in the third, aerobic zone. When you go nearer to your limits, you will enter the fourth, threshold zone.

Most of your body fat is burned during exercises in the second zone. Then, you start sweating in the third zone, where your heart is using up to 80% of its entire capability. While in the third zone, your heart advances and becomes stronger, burning both fat and carbohydrates.

Usually, when you are only beginning with your exercising routines, you are recommended to stay within the second and the third zone. Once you become more skilled and in better physical shape, you are to move on to the fourth zone, which breaches your aerobic limits.

The final level, the “high zone”, requires you to be in top physical condition since here your heart is pushed to the very limits of performance. All in all, having a heart rate monitor with you can help you organize your workout to fit your skills and fitness best.

Additional Benefits of Heart Rate Monitors

One of the best things about these devices is that they are completely hands-free, meaning that you can concentrate on your workout without a necessity of handling your heart rate monitor or carrying it around. Also, you will get a complete insight into your burned calories, helping you in organizing your workout sessions further.

So, a device of this type will help you get the most out of your exercise routine, while preserving your energy and knowing exactly how your body is behaving during your workout processes. It may help you design your own ideal workout program, regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur.

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