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Aerobic exercise refers to the steady rhythmic exercising of large muscle groups. This can help one to improve ones overall fitness and health, as well as to gradually burn fat and improve cardiovascular performance. Some examples of aerobic exercise include brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or aerobic dance. A common thread with regard to all of those activities is the constant rhythmic movement of the body. None of these exercises need to be undertaken in a rapid fashion, and do not require one to strain oneself. These forms of exercise are slow to medium intensity, and can increase ones heart rate to a higher level.

Aerobic exercise
These types of exercise are considered to be great for people of all ages. Aerobic exercise can be great for strengthening the lungs and heart. They increase the heart rate to a higher than normal level, which can help the lungs to use oxygen at a more efficient and optimum level. Aerobic exercises can also have great benefits with regard to excess fat reduction, a well toned body, lower levels of cholesterol, reduction in fatigue, increased stamina, increased muscle strength, increased energy, and a fitter body. Exercises such as this will generally only have positive benefits if they are performed rhythmically and for a minimum period of thirty minutes. If necessary, take a couple of short breaks in between.
The best way to gain benefits from aerobic exercise is to alternate between several different types of activities. Try to include as much variation as possible. If possible, perform different types of exercise for a period of fifteen minutes each. The inclusion of variation in the regime will ensure that all the muscle groups are well exercised. It is not necessary to join a gym in order to perform aerobic exercise. For example, exercises such as walking, jogging, and cycling can all be performed on the streets, or in the park or similar.
It is often better to exercise outdoors rather than indoors. This will get you out into the open air, and closer to nature. It is necessary to exercise about four to five days each week, for about thirty minutes to an hour for each session. This does not include the warming up or cooling down periods. Try not to force the pace of your exercising, as this can lead to an unwanted injury. Proper clothing should also be worn. This includes well fitting tracksuits and shoes. Make sure to also listen to ones body, and never exert yourself to the point of exhaustion.

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