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Exercising is a necessity for any healthy individual. Moreover, it is best to start being physically active since the earliest childhood, creating a routine you will follow and upgrade throughout your life. However, this does not imply that all of us should become professional athletes at some point of our lives, nor does it make taking up sports obligatory. Rather, the physical activity you take part in does not have do to have anything with sports. You can do various other exercises keeping you fit. Additionally, many of these activities can be more than adequate for your toddler to participate in too.

Exercise, Toddlers and Older Children

Children, in general, get most of their exercising through playing around. However, it has been established that about 60 minutes of physical activity during the day is optimal for the health of your child. Note that this amount of activity does not have to be constant. Basically, the child may divide playing and engaging him/herself physically in three 20 minute sessions or any other possible combination. Yet, you need to be careful about measuring your child's level of physical activity. If he/she spends 30 minutes of every PE class undressing and dressing, or preparing and lining up, dedicating all of his/her free time to watching TV or playing video games, his/her exercise quota will fail to be fulfilled.

Children and the Process of Exercising

The effects of exercising are many. First of all, being physically fit is bound to affect your self-esteem positively. Additionally, regular physical activity in your toddler's life is likely to make him/her sleep better and be less anxious and moody. Nothing fights depression off better than a good exercising routine, so rest assured that your child will be free from this health problem too. Combine exercising with a healthy diet and a positive lifestyle and your child will be safe from being overweight and obese, as well as from many other possible health problems.

As far as calories burnt through exercising are concerned, cycling, taking place at a pace of 5mph will result in 174 calories burnt per hour. Additionally, jogging at 6mph will get your child rid of 654 calories over the same course of time while basketball will relieve the child of 450 calories per hour, the same way tennis will. Furthermore, roller skating at 9mph deprives a person of 394 calories per 60 minutes. Swimming, on the other hand, burns somewhere about 288 calories during the same period of time. Finally, simple walking at a steady pace of 2mph will help your child lose 198 calories per hour.

Of course, the effect depends on the child's weight as well as many other factors. Nevertheless, you can use these pieces of information as a benchmark.

Ultimately, getting your whole family to exercise regularly is the best type of motivation for your child. You can all play a certain type of sport in the backyard, or take a walk together; the choice is yours. Also, certain lifestyle changes, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to school and back, all can be extremely effective.

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