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Teenagers that are neglecting their own physical shape are increasing at an alarming rate in the US. Extra weight is a cause to major health problems often chronic such as diabetes, arthritis, hearth conditions and gout. Studies have shown that overweight teenagers who grow into overweight adults have double death rate over age of 70.Major cause to one of major causes for physical shape neglecting is sitting in front of a television or computer and eating junk snacks.

Exercises for Teens

Physical activity contributes greatly to healthy life. A wide spectra of workouts like running, cycling, swimming, in-line skating, power walking, basketball, soccer, rowing, cross-country skiing, aerobic dancing, Tae Bo, kick boxing, rope jumping, ice-skating, racquetball, trampoline jumping are all great aerobic exercises.

Increasing ones hearth rate through various physical activities for 20 minutes daily at least 3 times a week is recommended by American Heart Association. It is important that every workout is done correctly. This is much healthier and brings better results faster. Making an exercise into torture by overdoing it is not only demotivationg but also contra productive. This does not include some sore muscles that usually appear in the initial phase of exercising. A habit should be made out of stretching and warm-up before workout. It increases muscle mobility and prepares the body for upcoming physical effort. It is also important not to overdo with exercising when starting to avoid injury.

Pro-exercise arguments

Getting a teenager to start moving, even for their own sake can be complicated. It is like at that age, people start functioning as excuse generators. Following few simple tips could come in handy.Walking and running are simplest and most convenient workout. It just takes standing up and starting to move. They are also very economy friendly. No need for fields or courts or expensive equipment. Aerobic exercise does wonders for blood and oxygen circulation through the body. This keeps the body healthy mind clearer.Exercise should always be fun so it is a good activity to share with friends.On the other hand working out alone clears the thoughts and gives the mind time to think things through.

Cross-training is always a good idea. It brings dynamics to physical activity and stimulates different parts of the body.By exercising the energy levels rise, making other daily activities easier to handle.If exercising regularly, there is no need for harsh diets. The body develops in strength, power also lung capacity and makes one feel great both physically and mentally. It is an amazing feeling seeing the fruits of workout labour. The only hazard is spending too much time staring at the mirror.Aerobic workouts dispel the feelings of frustration and depression. They stimulate the endorphin flow through the body that does wonders for self-esteem.

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