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Yeast is a problem that can target men as well and if this occurs, the glands located on the penis are usually affected. Balanitis is the name used for the penis yeast infection and it mostly occurs among men who are not circumcised due to the presence of overskin, which aids the yeast overgrowth.

Yeast in Normal Conditions

There are many regions of the body on which yeast can develop. The most common are mucous membranes, digestive tract, mouth and skin. This condition is usually not connected to some serious problems and discomfort, but overgrowth of yeast can occur due to the use of certain medications and immune system diseases. All of this contributes to the yeast infection. Candida overgrowth is responsible for the penis yeast infection and women yeast problems are also associated with this overgrowth.

The tip of the penis is the location on which red blisters or bumps will appear due to yeast infection. Also, rash and redness may develop as well, along with itching and burning sensation.

Causes of Male Yeast Infection

There are many factors that contribute to the creation of yeast infection. Woman yeast infection is more common when compared to male, and there are fewer ways of developing the condition. Unprotected sex and direct contact with those who are having yeast infection is one of the most common ways. Reoccurring yeast infection can affect those who are denying treatment, since the infection will travel from one partner and back. The yeast infection can also be caused by spermicidal condoms that contain nonoxynol-9. The yeast infection can be developed upon finishing with an antibiotics course. There are bacteria that fight against the yeast infection and antibiotics eliminate these bacteria along with other. Once they enter the system, they overgrow and develop a yeast infection. Diabetes is a disease that is associated with elevated blood sugar, and this situation makes way for the overgrowth of candida yeast. The yeast infections are eliminated if the blood sugar level returns to normal. Immune system suppressants and certain immune system disorders, like AIDS and HIV, can aid the creation of yeast infection. Immune system is responsible for fighting off the yeast infection, but if it is compromised, yeast may overgrow and create a yeast infection.

Treatment of Male Yeast Infection

Penis yeast infection can be treated with the help of topical ointments, antifungal creams, natural treatments (such as limiting consumption of alcohol and sugar), vaginal yeast infection creams and even yogurt. Yeast can be treated with yogurt because it has bacteria that produce carbon dioxide and eliminate the yeast. See a doctor if these treatments are ineffective and then stronger medications will be used as a treatment. Also, there are some homeopathic remedies that you can use and inform yourself about.

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