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There are cases of the patients that have yeast infection without even knowing it, probably for years. This text will talk about some complications and problems that can arise from this occasion. Many problems such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and several otherproblems can happen if yeast infection is overlooked. Problems that affect people when having yeast infection are blurred vision, fatigue, weakness, forgetfulness and want for sugar and starches. Bacteria cause yeast infection, and since there are bad and good bacteria in human body, if this balance is destroyed, yeast infection occurs. This happens because the immune system is weakened. Name candida is also used for yeast infection. When this problem is present, many problems can occur along with it.

There are many medications that can induce yeast infection, and some of these are antibiotics, birth control pills and steroids. Problems like vaginal discharge, pain while urinating, coated white tongue and fatigue are also symptoms of yeast infection. Children can get yeast infection because of excessive consumption of sugar, dairy and carbohydrates. Babies can get it from dirty diapers and sucking on the bottle. Many treatments can cure this condition, but they usually just remove the symptoms and not the problem. But there are some things, like change of nutrition, which can eliminate this infection completely.

Misconceptions and misdiagnoses

When itching in the vaginal area occur, it does not mean it is caused by yeast infection. Just take soap and cleanse the area. Never just go and buy medications and drugs if you experience discharge. Some problems can occur because of this, and it may be more harmful then beneficial. Another thing that is not true, but it persists in the mind of women, is that vaginal washes can eliminate the infection. This can bring more harm than good. This also goes for antibiotics, which should not be used for yeast infection. Many women confuse the effects of the nearing of the menstrual period with yeast infection, and many women just panic when the problem occurs.

The most reasonable thing to do, when yeast infection occurs, is to visit a doctor who will help you to eliminate this problem. However, most of the women just go to the pharmacy and buy some creams. Itchiness, rash and discharge can be caused by some other problem and not the yeast infection. Because of this, visit to the doctor is highly advised. Sometimes problems can go simply away, but sometimes they will just keep coming back. Then you will require a treatment.

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