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What is Male Thrush?

Male thrush is a yeast infection of the penis. This infection can also affect women. Yeast infection can be result of unprotected sex but it can also occur when yeasts start to spread because of poor hygiene, impaired immune system or diabetes. Male thrush results in painful penis.

Thrush is generally caused by overgrowth of yeast fungus known as Candida albicans. They naturally grow in warm and moist areas of the body. In men it is penis and groin area.

Diagnosis and SymptomsIt is vital to get male thrush diagnosis before starting the treatment. Thrush can be cured quickly once the treatment begins. Testing for thrush include taking sample from the head of penis or under foreskin. Test is done for Candida albicans presence.

The main symptom of thrush is balanitis, inflammation of the penis. Other symptoms of male thrush include: Red and sore spots on the foreskin and head of penis, itching Cottage cheese like material under foreskin, skin rash, yeasty smell, burning sensation, pain when passing urine, difficulty pulling back the foreskin, yeast might infect nails and lead to Athletes foot, bloating and digestive problems can occur due to intestinal thrush. Oral thrush reflects in thick white layer over the tongue.Thrush complication can occur if Candida enters your blood. This commonly happens because of weak immune system. Symptoms of Candida infection of blood involve nausea, high body temperature, headache and shivering.

Treatment of Male ThrushTreatment for alleviating symptoms of male thrush consists of anti-fungal medications and creams which mainly depends on diagnosis. Thrush is usually treated with topical application of clotrimazole cream. Yogurt is also helpful since it contains friendly bacteria. You can eat and apply yogurt to infected area to cure or relieve symptoms.

Side effects of anti-fungal therapy involve increased resistance of fungus to further treatment with this type of medicine.

Natural treatment for male thrush includes searching for the cause of yeast infection. Natural treatment will involve assessment of certain factors such as diet, lifestyle, level of stress, allergies, and medications. This type of treatment relies on herbal supplements.

Thrush can be prevented by proper hygiene which means to wash, dry and regularly change underwear. On the other hand, yeast infection can be triggered if you take antibiotics for longer period of time or wear tight polyester underwear.

Thrush isn’t sexually transmitted disease but it can be spread from partner to partner, thereby you should avoid intercourse until you sort the problem or use at least condom.

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