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Yeasts are micro-organisms belonging to the group of fungi, the most famous of which are in the Candida species. Yeast infections typically affect women of any age, causing uncomfortable problems in the vagina under breasts and skin folds. Men can also get a yeast infection but it is not that unpleasant as in a woman's case.

Symptoms of a yeast infections include burning sensations in the genital and urinary parts, itching and smelly vaginal secretions. Yeasts develop in dark, wet surroundings and the vagina provides a good environment for yeasts to grow. A gynecologist can recommend some creams, medications or vaginal tablets.

However, there are some yeast infection home remedies that can be protective or help to ease the difficulties a woman faces if she has a yeast infection.

Yogurt has proven to be effective in the home treatment of yeast infections. Plain yogurt contains good bacteria beneficial not only for digestion but also to some genital problems. It is important to note that yogurt should be plain without any sugar. Sugar is favorable to the development of fungi, such as yeasts.

Yogurt can be bought or home-made using an adequate recipe and apparatus. If anyone tries to make it, he or she can use even soy or almond milk. If a woman has a yeast infection the best method is to rub the plain yogurt on the outer parts of the vagina or a tampon soaked in yogurt can be inserted into the vagina. However, the tampon should not be kept long in the vagina since it can cause even more itching. Also if it is rubbed onto the vagina, this yogurt cream should not be there for a longer period of time.

Garlic has been widely acknowledged as one of the best home remedies for treating any kind of diseases due to its immune strengthening effects. Garlic is effective in treating high blood pressure and cholesterol. It boosts the immune system and makes it resistant to many viral or bacterial infections.

Shaklee garlic tabs can be put into the vagina and help ease the genital problems. Smashing the garlic clove and drinking it with a full glass of water is a good antibiotic and may help genital organs fight the infections.

Apart from its use in various diets, apple-cider vinegar can be used to affect the yeast. However, great care should be taken since apple-cider vinegar burns if applied directly to the skin. The best way is to add a cup of it into bathing water and relax. It is not as effective as garlic remedies but it can help for a short time.

Drink a lot of water during the day and sometimes the use of Oregano oil can help treat the infections.

However, every woman should be careful in making her own home remedies. It is advisable to avoid taking antibiotics, birth control pills, wearing tight clothes, non-cotton underwear, eating sugar and white flour, and sitting in wet clothes.

Yeasts can also affect mouths, manifesting in white sores and dry mouth. Drink cool water or tea, rinse the mouth regularly, avoid the above-mentioned food and use Gentian violet solution and consult the doctor in such cases.

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