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Yeast infection is a condition that affects women, as well as men. It is one of the most common infections that occur in the humans and it is caused by the fungus called Candida. There are many types of Candida, but the most common is Candida albicans.

Candida usually lives in the gastrointestinal tract or in the warm and moist area of the human body, such as oral cavity or genital areas. However, the fungus is not harmful if it is kept under control. The body’s immune system and good bacteria are responsible for that. Nevertheless, due to many reasons, Candida may begin to overproduce itself and thus a yeast infection occurs. Yeast infection is also called fungal infection, thrush or candidiasis. It can be oral or genital (vaginal or penile) yeast infection. These infections can spread to other parts of the body, including the skin.

Yeast infection rash

When a person is yeast infected, there are certain symptoms that show that. One of the warning signs of the infection is skin rash that appears on face, or in the armpits, or in the genital areas. Sometimes it happens that Candiada enters the skin through a small cut or wound, for example, and in such case, skin rash occurs. It can appear everywhere on the body, on the buttocks, legs, arms and face.

Causes of yeast infection rash

When the body’s immune system is weak and the friendly bacteria are eliminated from the body, the fungus is not controlled anymore and starts to overgrow. The good bacteria are usually destroyed by the excessive consummation of antibiotics. Furthermore, the yeasty infection rash can be caused by excessive sweating because moist is an ideal environment for the yeast. Intertigo is a condition that is also responsible for the outbreak of yeast infection rash. It is manifested through the skin irritation and chafing in the area of the body where the skin folds, such as tights and armpits.

Symptoms of yeast infection skin rash

When yeast infection causes rash, it appear as a red area on the skin that is slightly raised and has well defined border. There are cases when white spots can appear in the rash. Sometimes it also occurs that the rash releases a yellow or white colored discharge that is foul smelling. Furthermore, people with this rash may develop satellite lesions or pustules. Other symptoms that accompany rash are uncomfortable itching and irritation. Swelling of the skin is also one of the symptoms of the yeast infection rash.

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