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Yeastinfection is also called candidiasis since the main culprit for this infectionis the fungi Candida Albicans. When these fungi overgrow, a yeast infectionoccurs. The best environment for the overproduction of the Candida is a moistand warm environment. Therefore, a yeast infection usually appears in mouth,genitals, skin folds and fingernails or toenails.

Typesof yeast infection

Oralyeast infection is also called oral thrush and it appears in the mouth andthroat. Vaginalyeast infection is medically called moniliasis, while penile yeast infection ismedically called balanitis. Yeast infection in the skin folds is calledintertrigo.

Preventionof yeast infection

Ayeast infection cannot always be prevented, but there are several things thateveryone should pay attention to in order to lower the risk of developing it.

Itis recommended to wear cotton underwear and to avoid wearing tight shorts andpants, as well as nylon pantyhose. Furthermore, it is very important to changethe clothes immediately when they become wet or damp, since the warm and dampenvironment only promote the fungal overgrowth.Womenshould not utilize scented tampons and powders, as well as deodorant sprays. It is alsoadvisable that after using the toilet, every woman should wipe herself from front side toback side in order to reduce the spreading of the bacteria.Yeastinfections are frequent in diabetics since the fungi feed on glucose.Therefore, the people who suffer from diabetes should regulate the level of theblood sugar in order to decrease the possibility of developing a yeastinfection.Theconsummation of yogurt is very important if we want to prevent the occurrenceof a yeast infection. Yogurt contains the good bacteria, which is necessary tomaintain or restore the balance between friendly bacteria and fungi in the body,which is required.Sinceantibiotics can kill the good bacteria along with bad bacteria in the body, andthus provoke Candida to multiply, the people who must take antibiotics as atreatment for some health problem should think about some antifungal therapy asprevention when they start or when they end the use of antibiotics.Moreover,to prevent the incidence of yeast infection, healthy diet low in sugar isnecessary.Furthermore,since the amounts of the fungi in the body is regulated by the immune system,it is very important to boost the immune system with vitamins and minerals.Managingthe stress is also important in prevention of yeast infection.

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