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A Society of Denial

We live in a society which is far from perfect, even though often we praise it for being civilized and perfect in many respects. However, we still have issues we suppress under the social norms and ignore for some strange reasons.

For example, we have a social view of women being somewhat fragile, gentle and obedient, still, after all these years being misjudged and considered to be the weaker gender and not as capable as men. This gives birth to numerous injustices and cases of crimes against women, which they are supposed to ignore for whichever reasons. Thereby, we have many cases of women being raped, who were incapable of telling the rest of the society about their misfortune due to the fact that they may be ashamed or judged wrongly. Moreover, instead of being understood by the society, these women are often being misinterpreted or even judged for something they have not done. Thus, they end up on the margins of the society, only for not being equal in the first place.

This can have a catastrophic effect upon one's emotional stability. People who are jeopardized this way are forced to keep their problems inside themselves, being hurt and misunderstood. However, the best way of dealing with any possible problems is letting them all out. Yet, they keep all the anger, injustice, disappointment, resentment and frustrations concealed, eating them from the inside, causing an even greater damage.

Letting your feelings free is a very positive thing and it should be encouraged as much as possible. By setting a good example, you will motivate others to follow it.

It's a Gender Divided World

Again, even though we like to deny it, women are still not on the same social level as men are today. There are still jobs where women are underpaid, sexism at work and in life is at extremely high levels etc. Therefore, there are many women who have been violated and hurt. All they do is hide their problems since they are not expecting help from the rest of the world. They are afraid that they might not be understood by the male population. At the same time, they fear the feedback from the rest of the female population as well, since they might be judged by them too.

All in all, this should not be so, even though it is. Each human is a delicate and unique being. Therefore, each of us should have the right to be happy and satisfied with his/her life. There are injustices in this world. Still, until people, especially those closer to the margins of the society, become capable of opening their souls and sharing their problems, getting support from the rest, we can still claim that we are primitive.

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