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Psychology is Gender-Biased?

Even since the great discoveries made by Freud, related to the area of psychology and behavioral disorders, many different issues were assigned either to females or males predominantly. This strange distinction and separation has troubled certain scientists ever since. Namely, people were wondering whether it is adequate to state that females are the gender mostly prone to hysteria while men are likely to be obsessive-compulsive or schizoid. This separation and disparity is present for many other conditions.

Still, people are wondering whether we are truly this different sexually and biologically, that we are really prone to different kinds of psychological problems. There are several aspects and factors which could explain this division and provide more or less scientific grounds for such a gender-baseddistinction.

Why is Psychology Gender-Oriented?

Society is probably one of the possible culprits behind this problem. Namely, many patriarchal societies have males as predominant figures. This gives rise to the occurrence of narcissistic behavior in male part of the population, forcing females towards borderline and dependency disorders.

Since the very moment we are born, even before that moment, we are influenced by the society we belong to. We are taught that males should be strong, violent and dominant, prepared to fight for what they need and to use force in order to accomplish different things. On the other hand, women are taught to be faithful, obedient and to learn how to cook and take care of their future babies. Toys are used for nurturing these predefined skills. Thus, boys usually play with guns or tools, while girls spend time taking care of dolls or playing with cooking simulators. All these stereotypes we are made to live, influence our behavior. Once we are older, it all gets harder to grasp and bear, leading to these disorders, which are different for each gender.

Finally, we are all taught, although not explicitly, to constantly battle each other, on a gender basis. Women are still not seen in politics outside the bare minimum, nor can they have equal salaries as their male colleagues in many lines of work. Men wage wars, make important decisions in their lives or among their families and are usually the only ones working while their wives are locked in the households, taking care of children and cooking for the whole family. All these things give birth to various disorders since we are not programs, nor are we programmable to lead a pattern life regardless of our desires. We are forced to, and numerous gender-based psychological disorders only serve as indicators of this error which has been present in our societies for ages.

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