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The Destructiveness of Low Self-Esteem

Since the day we are born, regardlessof the fact that self-esteem is not our inborn characteristic, wetend to depend on the will of the majority. We get born intosocieties where we are shaped to fit, regardless of our ownpreferences. This can cause quite a negative effect for people whofeel differently than their social surroundings. Namely, in societieswhere beauty and money are everything and everything else is not ofgreat importance, people who do not fit due to aesthetics or monetaryfactors are bound to feel secluded, unattractive and disappointed bytheir own selves. This, of course, leads to a lack of self-esteemwhich, in the long run, can make one's life a misery. The causes maybe many others and these will be mentioned later. Nevertheless,self-esteem is the crucial part of one's personality, necessary inorder for an individual to be happy and capable of expressinghim/herself to a full extent. Otherwise, if a person is not satisfiedwith him/herself, reflected in the eyes of society, he/she is boundto be unhappy and suffer from great personality issues as the life ofthis individual moves on. Therefore, nourishing one's self-esteem isa must, since it can help him/her live with ease instead of fallinginto the depths of despair, complexes and other behavioral problems.

Reasons of Low Self-Esteem

One of the most common causes of lowself-esteem is a negligent upbringing a person has endured. Lack oflove, understanding and support some children experience from theirparents often leads to a lack of self-esteem throughout their lives andleaves permanent marks on the personalities of these children, evenwhen they, themselves become adults.

On the other hand, some parents tend toscorn their children regardless of their success, potential or anypositive features. This too can easily lead to self-esteem issues.Another parental mistake commonly made is forcing the child tofulfill the dreams they themselves have failed in the past. Thisposes a tremendous pressure on the young one's making them feelunworthy of living due to the fact that they have disappointed theirparents.

Some children and people startsuffering from low self-esteem due to numerous defeats and failuresthey encountered in their lives. Others feel inferior to the rest ofthe world because they are not satisfied with their looks and overallappearance. Physical, mental and sexual abuse during childhood cantrigger this condition in a person too. Finally, unemployed peopleusually consider themselves unwanted and rejected, having theseissues as well.

All these people tend to be depressed,pessimistic and passive, prone to anorexia, obesity and similarconditions, fearing criticism and being afraid to make any positivechanges. In order to get better, they need to avoid negative people,start thinking positively about themselves and seek professionalassistance during their battle against their low self-esteem.

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