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Childhood and Its Impact on Life

We, as human beings are molded, shapedand subjected to numerous changes our whole life. Firstly, we arebrought into a specific society which has sets of rules we need tofollow in order to be accepted and capable of flourishing in such asystem. If we do not fit, we are likely to get estranged, pushed tothe margins of the society and end up lost entirely. Therefore, wemust allow to be shaped in order to fit.

Unfortunately, some of us a wronglyshaped from the very beginning. Basically, your family is meant toprovide you insight about the world and make a healthy, wellfunctioning person which is later to continue through lifeindependently, transferring the acquired knowledge further on.

Thus, our family and upbringinginfluences us greatly and molds our personalities and both physicaland mental balances. Therefore, if we grow up in a dysfunctionalfamily, there is a high likelihood that we are going to suffer fromcertain problems later on. These problems may be mental, behavioral,physical or many others. All in all, childhood memories make us whowe are, or, at least, make a part of our adult selves.

What is a Dysfunctional Family?

A child should not grow up in a familywhere there is a lack of mutual understanding. Also, he/she shouldfeel secure and safe, knowing that he/she is loved and cared for,belonging somewhere. Additionally, all children have needs which needto be fulfilled by their parents. If this fails, problems are likelyto occur later.

Of course, regardless of how much wedeny or suppress this fact, childhood abuse is a serious problemwhich happens daily in million different occurrences. This abuse canbe physical, sexual or verbal. All these factors contribute to aviolent or abnormal behavior of the child later.

Finally, family arguments over money,petty issues as well as constant exposure to stress and abnormallevels of expectation, while the child spends time in bad livingconditions having to follow illogical sets of rules, all cancontribute to problems later on. Sometimes, even overprotecting yourchild can prove to have catastrophic consequences.

People who have experienced thesethings during childhood are most often lonely, stressed out, havetroubles expressing their feelings and indulging into relationships,as well as enjoying themselves, having troubles controlling theiranger and frustrations.

The childhood of these people may haveresulted in low grades at school, discipline issues, alcohol, drugand cigarette consumption and many other problems which, again,trigger other problems during adulthood.

Therefore, good parenting and properupbringing of the child is crucial, if the child him/herself is tobecome a good, healthy member of the society.

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