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What is Post-Abortion Syndrome

Having an abortion is not an easy task, regardless of what other people might think about it. There are women who opt for this method due to the fact that they have been violated, raped or abused in many different ways. Therefore, we need to understand the reasons behind such acts and help these women cope with it better. No one wants to end a living being's life without certain causes. Many women who undergo abortion are not even aware that the baby inside their body has already developed a beating heart and is alive by all standards. Once the abortion procedure is done, many women get devastated by feelings of guilt, as soon as they realize what they have done. This mixture of depression, confusion, guilt, stress and fear, all of which take place after an abortion is called the post-abortion syndrome.

Once bothered by this syndrome, women who had undergone abortion may turn to alcohol or drug abuse, may experience personality issues and jeopardize their relationships with other people or even commit suicide or murder. Proneness to criminal behavior is quite common once this syndrome takes its toll. The destructive onset of emotions otherwise known as the post-abortion syndrome, may last for a limited amount of time after which the woman may live her life normally. However, there are cases when the syndrome haunts an individual for the rest of her life.

A Helping Hand

Women who had had abortion are often misunderstood and judged by the rest of the society in these times when they need all the help and support they can get. Counseling can help during the times of troublesome thoughts which can torture a woman in this situation. Some women manage to cope with their deed through compassion and understanding provided by their families while others seek refuge and pardon in religion. Either way, women who suffer from this syndrome need to bury their demons and continue their life without judging themselves further.

It has been proven that a child is alive on the 21st day after the conception. Therefore, many women can live with their abortion if they know that the child was not yet alive. Still, many women may be troubled by all the symptoms of the syndrome, including nightmares, sleeping problems, flashbacks etc. There are women who have been talked into abortion by their partners and then left after the process. This common betrayal can also be the reason enough for the post-abortion syndrome.

Finally, these women need all the help and support they can get. Women who underwent abortion did not invent it, the human society did. So, it is a fault we all need to share. Thus, through helping women suffering from post-abortion syndrome, and understanding their position, we are actually helping our own human race and preventing the same mistakes to be made in the future.

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