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Average human height

A Word or Two about Human Height

As we all know, our height is measured from our feet all the way up to our head, while we are standing straight. This distance, compared to what is considered a standard, is then described as average, lower, or higher than standard. Abnormalities in human height are expressed through dwarfism, which are cases of extremely low height, or gigantism, which is the opposite, and connects with people who exceed 20% of what is considered to be the average height value. The average varies from population to population and may be influenced by many different factors. For example, in poor and developing countries, where malnutrition is quite a common problem, it affects people causing many to have height problems due to bodily deformities or incomplete development. However, these deformities and abnormalities may occur without the above mentioned factors.

What Is the Average Human Height?

As it was mentioned above, each nation has its own average height. However, generally, women are considered shorter than men. Also, they stop growing before men do, since they enter the puberty first as well. The whole growing process is triggered by hormonal activities and takes place since the onset of puberty all the way until the end of this period. Genetic differences between people of different nations cause differences in the height of their people. Finally, once we grow older, our height is likely to decrease as well. Speaking of extremes and abnormalities regarding height, our world has given birth to different people who even reached the height of 2,72 m.

The Importance of Height

Even though, extremes are interesting, they are not normal, and may, thereby, cause numerous problems. Firstly, in cases of excessive height, your nervous system may have troubles coordinating your moves, your heart may suffer additional pressure of your body. Alternatively, you might suffer from numerous mobility problems and infections, due to low blood circulation. On the other hand, extremely short people may suffer from numerous health problems. Also, short women tend to have a small pelvis, making it hard for them to give birth without risks. However, some researches show that tall people have a better cardiovascular system, while short people live longer and are healthier.

Social and relationship problems are common for people with height abnormalities. They are often marginalized in the society and they usually have a tough childhood, having difficulties with other children. Each abnormality is bound to be judged by status quo in our society, just as height is.

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