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Something is Wrong Here

Humans have made billions of mistakessince they were first aware of their existence in this world.Countless wars, pollution, destruction and many other negative thingslike this still bear permanent marks on us, showing the errors of ourforefathers and ourselves in that respect.

However, one of the worst things wehave done is definitely slavery. Namely, an endless stream of peoplewere taken from their homelands and brought first to Europe and thento America, only to work until they die, being considered less thanactual humans. These shameful acts which took place not so long ago,taught all the generations what slavery actually was and showed negativeaspects of it.

Nevertheless, we are still slavestoday, slaving for many different things. Many of us slave to food,being ones belonging to the obese part of the society, which seems tobe constantly growing. These people can choose either to serve likeslaves to the food they eat or a diet they will opt for in order toget rid of their excessive pounds. Many aspects influence thisnecessity of slavery of this type.

Let us look further into the problem.

Slavery and Diet

Cultural factors have a great impact onthe type of slavery mentioned latter. In fact, women are expected tobe slim and attractive in a way which makes a perfectly balancedperson overweight. So, due to these gender issues, there are morewomen with weight and obesity problems, constantly slaving on diets,wanting to lose the weight. However, men have the same weight issues,even though these are somewhat better accepted by the society.

Related to that, both men and women canbecome slaves to diet only by being culturally aware, watching TVprograms, reading magazines and newspapers etc. These are filled withaesthetic expectations, advice giving articles, total makeover plans,fad diets and other similar things. All these make one truly a slave,necessary to stay confined in this negative aspect of our culture.

All in all, most people, when they goon a diet, do not want to live healthy and to provide their bodieswith vital nutrients instead of with poisonous substances. Rather, wewant to stay attractive, be sexy, make other people stare at us etc.Thus, our aims are wrong and the price to pay, which is being aslave, is too high. Thus, something needs to be changed, since,obviously, it has all evolved wrongly.

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