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The Mystery of Emotions

Even though many people may claim that emotions make us who we are, there are many who would disagree. Emotions are not something that is inborn within our personalities or minds. Rather, we develop these later, through life and social interaction.

We are capable of suffering greatly when our emotions are lacking balance. Supposedly, we are not healthy whenever we are either overly excited or excessively depressed. Then, our society recommends that we take medications which are specifically designed to alter the process of chemical creation in our mind, changing the patterns of our reaction to certain external stimuli of life.

Furthermore we are born with instincts. On the other hand, emotions are not there during the first moments of our life. Is this true, or are there certain factors which teach us otherwise?

Instincts and Human Beings

We are born with quite an array of instincts. From the very first moments of our life, we are capable of being curious, breathing, urinating, perceiving, defecating, moving, caressing and needing caresses and being sexually aware. Moreover, due to the latter instinct, many toddlers play with their genitals.

Curiosity is what separates us from animals. Namely, animals explore the world, guided by instincts, which serve as previous knowledge. On the other hand, human toddlers are curious since they know nothing about the world around them. Guided by the very curiosity we develop brain cells and gain knowledge about everything around us.The Misconception

Being born as explorers who need to develop their sexuality and other aspects of our inborn characteristics through interaction, communication etc it is not strange that, for example, a toddler plays with him/herself, particularly with their genitals. In fact, these are something new that needs to be explored.

Yet, when a parent notices such behavior in a child, he/she yells and scorns the child repeatedly until the toddler loses its instinct and conforms to the norms of the social group he/she is the part of. This suppressing of the instincts is very unnatural.

In time, through our parents and the society around us we learn how to suppress our emotions and sexuality, how to use the toilet, behave in public and live in a monetary system which is far from natural. We develop moral awareness, which keeps us acceptable socially, mentally and physically.

Then, emotions get born, as our reaction to the constraints of life. Since our dreams get crushed, we either end up dreaming something else or having nightmares. Thus, we develop either positive or negative emotions later on and feel them throughout our life.

Emotions are nothing more than products of our smothered instincts, distortions of something we were feeling the moment we became alive. Thus, next time you consider emotions a part of yourself, do not forget how artificial and man-made they are.

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