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The biology of suicide

Suicide around Us

Suicide is one of the most common causes of deaths in the world, constantly increasing in number due to the global rise of depression. As people grow hopeless and depressed by all the hardships affecting our world, many people decide to end their lives rather than to hope that tomorrow will be better.

In fact, women are those who attempt suicide the most. Nevertheless, men are higher in success rates since they usually use more courageous ways of self-murder, through inhaling carbon monoxide, hanging themselves or shooting themselves in the head, while women usually drink excessive amount of sleeping pills or slit their wrists.

Either way, people from 15 to 24 are the group most prone to suicidal tendencies. Also, certain countries have more suicides than the rest of the world. The leaders in suicidal cases are Japan, Denmark, Hungary and Germany, while people in Greece, Spain, Egypt and Mexico appreciate their lives more and have the lowest suicidal rates on the Planet.

As it was mentioned above, depression remains to be the greatest cause of suicide among people. Therefore, this problem should be further looked into since it has taken too many lives as it is. The world should consider itself guilty for causing so many members of the human society to end their own life before their time. This can be a sign of something being wrong with the way we live and the hardship of life in general. We should stop and look around us in order to find answers and change the world so as to keep our fellow humans with us for as long as possible.

Suicidal Triggers and Characteristics

Apart from depression, poverty, financial problems in general and relationship issues manifesting through loneliness, marriage or work problems all contribute to the high number of suicides in the world. Before people reach this, final, line, they usually indulge in alcohol and drug consumption in order to escape from the harsh reality.

Even though many of us know that serotonin levels and hereditary factors all influence one's proneness to suicide, recent discoveries have connected low cholesterol to this problem. In fact, low cholesterol is connected to nutrition which then triggers aggressive behavior and lack of serotonin produced. This chain reaction can easily lead to outbursts of anger towards others and oneself.

Finally, we might all simply need something to believe in. This world is a disappointment on its own and love, compassion and caring are all long lost notions. Perhaps we are the main cause of our own suicide. Then, it is us who have to change, in order to keep ourselves from leaving this world prematurely.

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