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Women Are the Risk Group

We all know that smoking is bad for ourorganism. Moreover, we all know that it can lead us to terminaldiseases like cancer and many other problems. Still, people continueto smoke and die without giving much thought of the process, tradingtheir lives for smoke. However, recent researches have shown that menare less likely to develop diseases like lung cancer than women are.What is more, passive female smokers and women in general havealtogether greater chances of developing lung cancer. This changes the situation completely, making women even moreprone to doom if they choose cigarettes as their bad habit.

Cigarettes and Women

Today, tobacco is the main killer inthe UK, causing more than 38000 people to die each year, even 16000of which are women. Even though this number is smaller in comparisonto the male population developing lung cancer from tobacco, once wecompare it with the statistics from 1950s, where the number of menwith lung cancer was six times greater than that of women, we seethat the number of women with some kind of tobacco induced carcinomais rising with incredible speed. This is due to the fact that womenare more prone to developing lung cancer at an early age, thuspossibly shortening their life spans significantly. Most of thesewomen from the research smoked much less than the men did, ending upwith this deadly cancer nevertheless.

A similar form of research was carriedout in Switzerland. During the course between the year 2000 and 2005,over 600 women with lung cancer were included in the research and theresults were fairly similar. Most of them have developed lung cancerat an early age, while smoking far less than usual men smokers do. Onthe other hand, men seem to die faster once they develop this cancer,being capable to fight it just for two years. Women, however, arecapable of leading the battle against cancer for more than 4 years.Regardless, if we bear in mind that women develop lung cancerearlier, this is hardly an advantage in the first place.

Today, lung cancer still continues tobe one of the greatest women killers in the world. Thus, with all theother unhealthy aspects of the world we have created, women shouldtruly avoid smoking since all researches done suggest that it onlykills them and makes their lives significantly shorter. Naturally,the same goes for men who take part in this lethal addiction.

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