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Olive oil for hair

People are using all sorts of stuff for their hair. Hair curlers, straighteners and colors are only some of the means which can help style the hair. No matter how popular these products are, the hair will be damaged in time. If a person uses a lot of these products he or she should think about protecting the hair and stimulate its growth by using natural products. There are a couple of natural ways to do so but olive oil is said to be the best way there is.

Is olive oil good for hair growth?

Before being used as a hair remedy, olive oil has been in use for cooking for a long period of time and still is to this day. This is because of its many health benefits. Apart from being a very good hair recharger, olive oil is said to be good for curing a couple of skin problems as well. There are numerous properties because of which olive oil is considered to be excellent for hair loss.Probably the best thing is that olive oil both cures and prevents hair loss. Hair loss in people occurs because of the hormone called DTH which some people have. Olive oil is said to block the production of these hormones on the scalp and therefore stopping hair loss. Since olive oil has a nice amount of antioxidants in it, it is considered to be an excellent remedy for hair loss and general health of the scalp. These antioxidants are good in helping the hair recover after many uses of hair products which contain all sorts of chemicals. Apart from these facts a person should also know that olive oil is an all natural hair conditioner. In addition to this, olive oil can destroy dandruff and head lice if a person has any. This is because of some properties that olive oil possesses, mainly antibacterial and anti-fungal. If a person is feeling stressed, an olive oil massage of the head will make a difference.

Olive oil treatment

The best way to use to olive oil is to simply apply it to the scalp. A good thing would be to mix this oil with some other essential oils like coconut or sesame. After doing so, a person should put a towel on the head and hold it for half an hour. After half an hour a person should wash the hair. Apart from this there are some other ways to use olive oil for the hair health. A mix of olive oil and cinnamon and honey is one of those.

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