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Many essentialoils have been proven to have positive impact on the growth of the human hair. Preparationsmade of these oils are also excellent tools for nourishing and strengthening ofthe hair, as well as for its cleansing. For every problem you might have withyour scalp skin of hair, there is at least one essential oil known to be helpful.When using essential oils it is important to remember that you mustn’t use themdirectly on the skin. You should dilute them in some carrier oils (almond,jojoba, and sesame or soybean oil) and then apply it to the scalp of the hair.

Some of mostused essential oils, when it comes to hair care are: burdock, jojoba, clarysage, rosemary, peppermint, basil, citrus oils or tea tree essential oils. Lavender,bay and olive oils also belong to the group of oils used for hair growth. Besidesthese, many people will recommend: chamomile, thyme, cedar wood, arnica orcarrot root essential oils for the promotion of hair growth and hairtreatments. Before you begin using these essential oils on your hair, it’s agood idea to consult trichologist (hair medical specialist), to determine theappropriate oil for your hair.

JojobaEssential Oil

Any skintype and any hair type will certainly benefit from using jojoba oil. This isthe type of essential oil also frequently used as carrier oil and a well-knownhair remedy. It is often combined with coconut or rosemary oils in many haircare products, making them very helpful in treating various hair problems. Whenthe hair loss is caused by the breakage of the air, many trichologists willrecommend using jojoba essential oil. It can also be used when dying the hair, becausejust a small amount of this oil, applied to the facial skin, around your hair,will prevent dye stains.

Tea TreeEssential Oil

This is yetanother multipurpose essential oil for hair care. Use it to moisturize thehair, improve hair growth and get rid of dandruff or greasy hair.

OliveEssential Oil

As carrieroil, combined with some more pleasantly smelling essential oils or on its own, olive oil iswell known to promote the growth of your hair. The treatment with this oil isespecially beneficial for dry hair, and it is recommended to leave the oil onthe skin for at least 30 minutes (and much more, if you have time).

LavenderEssential Oil

Lavender hasanti-bacterial and regenerative properties, and its oil is therefore used totreat different problems with skin, scalp and hair. Hair loss, itchiness of thescalp and dandruff are problems that can be easily solved using this essentialoil.

CitrusEssential Oils

Grapefruit orlemon essential oil is great for oily hair, for it can clean the scalp and conditionthe hair at the same time. Any of citrus essential oils needs about half anhour to give some results, so apply it on the hair, either warm or cold andleave on the hair. After that, just wash your hair with some mild shampoo anduse conditioner for best results.

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