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It is highly recommended to use natural products for skin care and hair care because commercially available products tend to be associated with certain disadvantages. Natural products do not contain any harsh chemicals which are known for damaging both the skin and the hair. Hair can also get damaged easily when it gets exposed to sunlight or pollution over prolonged periods of time. Conditioners are invented in order to reduce the damage commonly induced by numerous factors. There are numerous different types of commercially produced conditioners available on the market, but he best ones are still the natural ones. Olive oil is considered to be among the healthiest and the most efficient types of hair conditioners known to man. It can be mixed in with certain other ingredients in order to provide the best results possible. Those ingredients include various essential oils, plain yogurt, egg yolk, water, honey, mayonnaise, coconut milk and several others.
Homemade Olive Oil Hair Conditioner Recipe
Olive oil is very good at the strengthening the hair and enhancing its overall health. Those who have oily hair need to be careful and avoid making the hair become too oily from the use of a conditioner. The recipe for oily hair requires half a cup of olive oil, half a cup of warm water, a quarter of a cup of aloe vera gel and a few drops of coconut milk. All the ingredients need to be mixed in a bowl before being applied to the hair. Egg whites can be added to the mixture if it turns out to be too thin. A recipe for those who have dry or normal hair is a little bit different. It requires half a cup of olive oil, a quarter of a cup of jojoba oil, one half of avocado, three tablespoons of honey and a quarter of a cup of vitamin E oil. Avocado and honey need to be mixed in first, before being added to the rest of the ingredients. If the mixture turns out to be too thick, one can add a few tablespoons of milk so that it becomes thinner.
How to Use Olive Oil Hair Conditioner
Olive oil is very efficient in getting rid of scalp dryness and dandruff. The hair needs to be shampooed thoroughly by massaging the scalp so that the conditioner gets applied in an even manner. The conditioner needs to stay on the hair for up to 15 minutes. The hair needs to be washed thoroughly afterwards.

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