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When we think of a well-shaped body, there is no fat present, especially in the abdominal area, which is the goal that many of us want to reach when starting with exercising. Even though men want strength and muscle mass, they also want those muscles to be visible and well shaped. This is especially emphasized when it comes to the abdominal area. It is not known why the abdominal area is one of the main points of interest for women, when it comes to physical aspects. It might be because this is the area that gains fat fastest and therefore it loses a normal shape. Of course, increased belly fat cannot and should not talk about someone's character, but unfortunately, in today's world where everything should be perfect, having those rock hard abs can present a slight advantage, at least when it comes to looks.


Upper, lower and side abs, so-called love handles, should be worked out as much as possible. Some will say that lower abs are the most important ones, because when they are active, other abs are also active, although a bit less. So, the first to exercise are lower abs, followed by upper area. Somewhere here side abs should be included. Oblique muscles are important, they should be hard and the fat from that area eliminated. These muscles, even though they are active when performing some other abs, should be worked out separately, as another muscle group. So what are the oblique crunches facts? They can be performed with or without additional weight. In the beginning, adding weight is not necessary, but there will be a point when the muscles become strong and perform an exercise easily and that is when weight should be added. Of course, basic rules that go for other muscles, go for these muscles too, which means that for the bulking effect to take place, maximal weight is needed, with not many reps in a set. For fine toning, medium weight with increased reps is required.

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Even though exercising is the main tool when it comes to creating a strong and well-shaped boy, the shaped part sometimes cannot be acquired without the help of diets and supplements. A diet will help in the elimination of the fat, while supplements can help with that too, but they also can increase muscle mass more easily. So, all that is left is to make a good schedule and stick to it until those abs become beach worthy.

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