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All of us, both smokers and non-smokers, know that nicotine is the main trigger of addiction to cigarettes. Thus, people who are passionate smokers usually cannot let go of their addiction since the craving for nicotine is too great. Nicotine is truly a strong substance and stays in the body of a smoker for quite some time, even after he/she has quit smoking.

The Ways of Nicotine

Nicotine addiction equals any other addiction. In time, due to constant exposure, the body gets dependent on this substance and, once a person stops taking it, the craving becomes even more prominent. The process of craving for nicotine will continue until there is not a single trace of this substance left in the body of the addicts.

How Long Does the Ride Last?

Our body expels about 90% of nicotine you provide your body with through smoking. The liver is in charge with this filtration process. However, the remaining percentage goes around your body, through your bloodstream, up to 8 hours after your last cigarette. So, depending on the number of cigarettes a person smokes each day, the amount of nicotine in his/her body can be small or large.

Those who smoke a pack a day will deliver more nicotine to their bodies than those who limit their nicotine indulgence to five cigarettes daily. Every cigarette, however, delivers about 1mg of nicotine to your body. Those who have been smoking less cigarettes on a daily basis will find it easier to quit smoking that those who have been killing themselves with a pack a day. In fact, long-term smokers of a pack a day, when they quit smoking, have nicotine in their bloodstream for 30 more days.

Drinking water and exercising are best ways of getting nicotine out of your system.

All in all, your smoking career influences the amount of nicotine which will remain present in your body once you are not a smoker anymore. Either way, the best thing to do is to quit smoking altogether, and manage to live healthy and expel the remaining nicotine, boosting your metabolism and enjoying life without cigarettes.

Therefore, quit smoking, drink plenty of water, deal with your cravings through finding a good workout program and manage to eradicate this harmful substance from your body. Know that the process will be harder for those who have been smoking more cigarettes. However, deal with it, since nothing matters more than your health. It does not matter whether it will take you 10 or 30 days to get that nicotine out of your system and forget all about your addiction and cravings – do it now!

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