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Wrinkles are definitely one of the least desirable signs ofaging that women want to see on their face. Everything else seems a lot easierto deal with, but these lines require a lot of time, money and care. And evenwith all that, the results are not always satisfying. This weakness of thegreatest majority of female population many companies see as a great way tomake money, and many of them are rich today thanks to the skin care productsthat are claimed to be more than effective in prevention and the treatment ofthe lines in question. However, what might come as a surprise is that there are many homeremedies that can be used for the same purpose. Their main advantage over the manufacturedproducts is that they are natural and they contain natural ingredients. Besidesthat, they are definitely more affordable since they do not cost much.

Natural remedies that help in reducing the wrinkles

Egg whites are a very popular home remedy for the wrinklesunder the eyes, as well as castor oil, but the one that does not have any odor.Applying pure castor oil on regular basis also does well for the skin on theface, particularly if the oil is mixed with lemon juice, which contains vitaminC.Coconut oil is also helpful in prevention and treatment ofwrinkles, and it is recommended to apply it before going to bed on the areasthat are prone to developing wrinkles. What might be even better is to massagethese areas with this oil.The core of the pineapple can also be used for this purpose,since all it takes is to massage the face with it and wash the face approximately15 minutes later.Turmeric and sugarcane juice can be used for making thepaste, which is also effective in fighting the wrinkles and other signs of skinaging.Regarded as one of the best home remedies is the one that ismade of banana and papaya. It is not difficult to make it, which is why women whoare into natural remedies should definitely try it out. Very small parts of thesetwo fruits need to be used for the puree, which needs to be applied on theface. Banana is good, since it contains vitamins that contribute to rejuvenationof the skin, while papaya is good due to the enzymes that it abounds in, andwhich contribute to the growth of the new skin.

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