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Products for perfect skin

Everyone wish to have perfectly smooth and youthful looking of the skin. It is well known that market is full of skin care products, adjusted for all skin types and customer’s preferences, but that certainly can’t assure us in the successful result of the skin treatment. Neither the huge amount of money we spend on the skin products nor the famous trademarks in the world of skin beauty care lines will not guarantee effectiveness of the therapy. If the skin problem is more serious, patients usually determine to undergo a cosmetic surgery. Often, this is the most expensive solution, and still, we are not sure we will be satisfied with the result. If you are sick of searching for the best product for your skin there are some advice which can come in handy to you.

Bad skin care

Before any skin treatment is applied, one must be well informed which skin care ingredients must be avoided. For example, dioxane (synthetically derived from coconut) is substance which we often can find in cosmetic products and can be harmful for our skin, because of the high level of 1,4-dioxane, which, some scientist think, can cause the skin cancer. Liquid paraffin, also known as mineral oil, is ingredient of the many skin creams. Its bad effect on the skin is that mineral oil clogs pores, and can cause appearance of the pimples. Other harmful ingredients we often can find in skin care products are alcohols (methanol, ethanol, ethyl alcohol and so on. ) which harm natural skin defense system, parabens ( methyl, butyl, propyl and so on.), which are also known as preservatives, can cause allergy, fragrances and many more.

Good skin care

The good thing is that, beside bad ingredients in skin care products, there is also a list of good ones for our skin. Elastin and collagen are the most popular ones, as far as the skin care is concerned. Elastin is a protein which keeps skin firm and flexible. Collagen is also a protein found in many creams, which helps us to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles and lines. Other products which are considered as good ones for your skin are vitamin coenzyme Q10, which is a strong antioxidant, hyaluronic acid, which successfully fights against dark eye circles and skin aging, cynergy TK, that stimulates skin’s natural collagen and provides youthful look of te skin and many more.

Once you are aware of all bad and good substances u can find in skin care products, you will find the perfect way to treat your skin, which will, eventually, show desired results.

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