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Wrinkles are tiny lines that appear on the skin because ofseveral reasons. Most common factor is reduced level of elastin, whichnaturally reduces with age. Other factors are genetics, gender, eatingcontrols, profession, but the fact is also that certain parts are more affected with wrinkles etc.

Causes of wrinkles

Genetic factor is very important when it comes to appearanceof wrinkles as some people age faster and also get wrinkles. Geneticsalso decide which type of skin we will have. If skin is dry, risk of wrinklesappearing is higher. Greasy and combined skins get older slower because skin isprotected with the fat layers.

Outer factors include weather changes. If a person isspending more time in the open, wrinkles will appear faster. Women age a bitslower during their period when they are reproductively capable of becoming pregnant.This is because of the estrogen levels, which are typical of women. As forage, with years gone by, skin loses fluids and elasticity, thus creating greatconditions for wrinkles emerging. Another factor is face motions. There are several hundreds of contractionsof the face muscles that happen in one day and this is something that createswrinkles. Eating habits are very important, so normal, healthy eating will preventoccurrence of the wrinkles, while junk food (including candies, sweets etc.)increases levels of glucose and fats, which indirectly induce creation ofwrinkles.

Elimination of wrinkles

What are tips to reduce wrinkles? It is obvious that manythings contribute to the creation of wrinkles. Skin should be properlymoisturized, which can happen with several things. Those things are regular facewashing, regular cleaning of the skin with skin tonic and milk. Also,certain creams should be used. There are creams that could be used during dayand night and they contain urea. Urea prevents the loss of water from the skin andthere are creams with specific substances that are very moisturizing. There arecreams that have anti-wrinkle effect and they contain so-called Q co-enzyme. Thereare creams with hyaluronic acid, which contains collagen fibers and are used forrepairing the parts of the skin that are already affected by wrinkles. Vitaminsand water are very important. Needed daily amounts of vitamins must be insertedinto the organism and enough water needs to be taken. It is also important toapply vitamins on the skin. Most important vitamins that should be applied likethat are vitamins A, E and C. Vitamin A has a role in skin reparation, vitaminE is a so-called regeneration elixir, while C is also important for nurturing theskin affected by wrinkles.

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