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Wrinkles, which were once sign of maturity and wisdom, in the today’s modern culture, become one of the most terrifying things. While wrinkles on men can sometimes be quite charming, women dread them and will try almost anything to get rid of them.

While it may appear that wrinkles inevitably come with age, the truth is that they can in fact be controlled to some extent. The important thing is to start early and to prevent the formation of deep, heavy wrinkles that cannot be repaired unless surgically.

Today there is a wide spectrum of anti-wrinkle and anti-age cosmetic products and cosmetic surgical procedures, but the truth is that those can be quite expensive and that, like with anything in life, wrinkles are better prevented than cured.

There are certain foods and nutrients that, if included in the daily diet, can over time reduce wrinkles and prevent their intensification.


There has been so much talk lately about antioxidants and their importance for the overall health. They are essential in the prevention of many serious diseases, including cancer, and they also prevent cell aging. Antioxidants are also essential for keeping the skin looking young, fresh and healthy.

These food ingredients act on the cell level; they penetrate the cell walls and repair any eventual damage. Skin rejuvenation means that certain agents tackle the dead skin cells, push them out and enable the formation of new ones. This results in young, strong and elastic skin.

Antioxidants play an important role in this process and being careful to include sufficient amounts of foods sources of antioxidants in the daily diet will result in wrinkle reduction and prevention.

It is highly recommended to include foods like broccoli, spinach and tomatoes in the diet, as wells as beets, carrots and lettuce. It is easy to find foods that are rich in antioxidants, as they are present in almost every type of fruit or vegetable. Green tea is also an excellent source.


Aside from assuring adequate antioxidant intake through foods, one can also take vitamin or mineral supplements. Vitamins A and C are amazing when it comes to their antioxidant properties.

In addition, there is a new product on the market, known as the anti-aging pill. These supplements come in form of capsules, and several different manufacturers are already present at the market with this product. One of the most popular is DermaCaps.

There are also herbal supplements that contain Chinese herbs like donkey hide gelatin and purple perilla. These too can be added to a daily health and beauty regimen in order to prevent wrinkles.

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