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There is probably no need to point out how bad and healthdamaging habit smoking is, because even those who smoke for the greatestmajority of their life are well aware of that fact. Some of them have probablytried to give up on it, but there is a number of those who are simply notinterested in getting rid of this habit, because they say that they enjoy ittoo much to quit it. However, in order for this attempt to turn into success,it is necessary to be sure that this is really what one wants, as well as it isnecessary to be aware that it will not be easy at all because smoking is oneform of addiction, both physical and psychological. There are numerous methodsof which some have proven to be more successful, some less, but the fact isthat those who decide to take this road have a wide range of options.

Tips that might be useful when quitting smoking

One must be positive about the whole idea and believe inoneself, because without this, there is no point in giving it a try.Making a list of all the reasons that make a person want toquit smoking might be helpful, particularly in moments of crisis. It is good toread this list every day because this will motivate the person more.Support from friends and members of the family is of hugeimportance, which is why it might be a good idea to inform them about theattention, so that they could prepare for changes in the mood that will bepresent once the whole process begins.Exercising helps to get rid of the stress, which will surelybe present when a person decides to quit smoking. Aside from this, exercisingaffects the mood in a positive way and it helps in recovering from the damagethat the cigarettes have caused to the body over years.A visit to the dentist who will clean the teeth from theplague might also be helpful since the teeth will certainly look whiter andbetter.What might also be a good idea is to plan some kind ofcelebration after every month, for example, or even every two weeks of notsmoking, because it might also be stimulating and motivating.Since those who are quitting usually have problems with freeand empty hands, it is helpful to find something to hold. Artificial cigarettesmight also be a solution.

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