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A Brief Introduction

Itis a curious fact that most cholesterol hair conditioners which arecommercially available contain alcohol – that is to say the veryfactor which dries out our hair. This is why it appears as thoughtossing in a cup of mayonnaise, some plastic food wrap and a coupleof towels is a much better idea than shopping for conditioners.

And By the Way, We'reSerious...

Themayonnaise should be worked into the hair by means of gettingmassaged into the roots and the scalp. The mayonnaise should be drawnthrough all the way to the ends that the hair may be fully coated.

Thenthe hair is to be drawn on top of the head, and wrapped about by acouple of feet of saran wrap that the mayonnaise may be contained.

Nextoff, pre-heated towels (preferably in the dryer) come on top of thecontraption. The heat will trigger deep conditioning. This positionis to be held for about ten minutes, when another heat towel is to beapplied – only to be left on for another ten minutes.

Whenthe second ten minutes are up, the towels as the plastic wrap are tobe removed and the hair should be shampooed as usual.

Thistreatment is to be taken on a monthly basis, and it should keep theperson's hair nice, soft and shiny.

Alternatively,the treatment may be repeated even on a weekly basis if the person'shair ends are all broken and damaged by other chemical treatments.

Also,if the person's scalps are already naturally oily, the treatment maybe alternatively applied only to his or her hair ends – again on aweekly basis.

What are some quicksolutions for oily hair?

Thisis a handy solution for people with naturally oily hair who mostlikely have to shampoo it on a daily basis so that it doesn't appearall greasy and stringy.

Abox of cornstarch is to be poured into a dish. A brush is to bedipped in and then used to brush it into the scalp and roots. Theparting should be repeated about a quarter off center, and so forthall along both sides of the head.

Afterabout ten minutes, the cornstarch ought to have soaked up all of theexcess oils from the person's hair and should then be alright tobrush out.

What are some usefultips for color enhancement?

Aquarter of water is to be boiled in a piece of doubled cheesecloth.Then the following is to be added according to hair color:

forbrunettes – a handful of fresh rosemary springs,

forblonds – a handful of dried chamomile,

fororange tone redheads – a chopped up carrot, and lastly,

forberry tone redheads - a chopped up beet.

Theingredients are then to be tied up in the cheesecloth and tossed intothe boiling water, as it is removed from heat. It should steep forabout ten minutes.

Nextly,the hair should be shampooed and rinsed as usual, after which thewarm color-enhancing rinse should be rinsed over the hair.

Thelast rinse should be one of cold water. This treatment ought to berepeated on a monthly basis.

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