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Many will be frustrated by frizzy hair. Even after washing and conditioning, the hair often reverts to a level of frizziness after a short period of time. Often, those with frizzy hair may look to cover or hide their hair in order to make the hair seem tidier. Some will keep their hair short in order to counter the effects of frizziness but more often than not, this will not solve the problem. One needs to take good care to properly maintain the hair in order to tame or neaten its appearance.

Frizzy hair must first of all be identified. It often appears dry, particularly at the ends of medium-length or long hair. Dry scalp problems in addition to this may exacerbate this and thus shampooing and conditioning regularly may not yield the desired results. Also, it is necessary to select the correct products to use while washing the hair. Here, we will look at various methods for controlling frizz, including tips on washing and style selection.

Shampooing and Conditioning

In order to combat the dryness of frizzy hair, use a mild shampoo and a good quality conditioner. Hair masks, leave-in conditioner, oils and deep conditioners may also be used and should prove to be beneficial for frizzy hair. Nourishing the hair properly will improve its appearance.A hot oil massage may be of great benefit to this hair type. Apply the oil overnight, wash upon waking and then condition the hair to help control dryness. Deep conditioning could also produce positive results. Home-made conditioners that use mayonnaise and eggs are recommended for this purpose. In addition to normal conditioners, a leave-in conditioner will improve control.

Styles and Cuts

Frizzy hair can be straightened to improve its appearance. This will make the hair look sleek and will reduce frizz but over time, straightening can cause damage to the hair so moderation must be employed with regard to this method. Another approach is to curl the hair. As with straightening, however, this can be damaging so curling should only be used as a solution for those who have not previously tried either method regularly.

As mentioned earlier, many use short haircuts to disguise frizz. Men use this option frequently and successfully, but it is not sexually exclusive. There are many styles to choose from - women can try bobs, pixie cuts or short layered cuts. For men, some layered cuts can be appropriate, as well as other styles such as faux hawks or front spiky cuts.

Longer styles also have their benefits. Longer hair means increased weight and this may weigh down the hair and control the frizz naturally.

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