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So many people have problems with dry, brittle, unmanageable hair with split ends. Dry hair is more likely to tangle than normal or oily hair, and when trying to comb through the knots of hair, it breaks.

People with curly hair seem to have more problems with dry hair, especially if they use hair straighteners. African-Americans usually have drier hair than Caucasians, and making cornrows leads to hair loss.

Current hair styles dictate the use of flat irons, hot rollers, artificial hair color, extensions and other things to change the hair's appearance. All these treatments are harmful for the hair. Damaged hair can be prevented by avoiding the invasive treatments altogether, but once the damage is done it is hard to decide which product to use in order to repair the hair.

If the hair is damaged beyond repair, the best idea is to cut it as short as possible. There are so many great short hair styles out there, and with the help of a stylist everyone can pick one that suits their face shape the best.

If cutting the hair short is not an option or if the hair is not damaged too badly, there are ways to help it re-grow, repair and heal. However, split ends cannot be repaired-they need to be cut.

Shampoo contributes to hair damage as it removes the protective oils from the hair, making it dryer. Shampooing should be done as rarely as possible, for example once a week.

Shampoos that contain vitamins are completely useless. Vitamins cannot penetrate the hair externally. Taking more vitamins and useful nutrients orally can be helpful, as it promotes the general health, but applied externally, they just do not work.

After washing, the hair should be left to dry by itself. Hot air blow dryers damage the hair.

Conditioning the dry hair is the most important part of a good hair care. Many home remedies for dry hair include mayonnaise, eggs and avocado, but for those who do not want their hair to smell like a salad, hot oils might be a better idea. Any type of cooking oil will do the trick, and of course, it is not really supposed to be hot, rather warm.

Warm oils are applied directly on the wet hair from the palm of the hand. They should be massaged well into the hair and scalp and the hair should be covered with cling wrap or a shower cap and then with a towel. This mask should stay on as long as possible, best if overnight.

It will not do much good to the hair if the repairing oils are washed away with a harsh shampoo. The shampoo should be very mild and moisturizing, and a baby shampoo may be the best way to go.

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