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Healthy hair

The general health of the person isusually observed through the condition of the skin, hair and teeth. Therefore, anydisorder that affects any of these bodily parts can raise concern in peoplewho face it. The health of the hair is somethingthat every woman pays much attention to. Every woman wants to have healthygood-looking hair, which is shiny and thick. There are many expensive hair productson the market. We are constantly bombarded by many advertisements on how certainhair products can revitalize our hair and restore the damaged hair, thus making ithealthy and shiny again. All these products are said to provide quick treatment andthey guarantee that the health of the hair will be restored within a short time. Furthermore,all these hair products are also very expensive, whereas their effectiveness is notso much proved.

We often damage our hair by dryingit with a hairdryer or when curling it, or roughly combing it. Fortunately, the beautyof the hair can be achieved with several things that every woman can find in herkitchen. These things are easily available and not expensive at all.

Kitchen items that repair damaged hair

A woman can improve the vitality ofher hair with olive oil, mayonnaise and eggs.

Our hair needs a lot of oil. Our scalpproduces the oil which makes our hair look shinier and more radiant. However,the oil is easily removed so the additional amount of oil is necessary. Forthis purpose, the best oil is the olive oil because it is the most effective inreplacing the essential oils produced by the scalp. It is recommended to applythe warm olive oil on the hair and wrap it first with a plastic bag and thenwith a towel for some 15 minutes. The hair should be washed properly afterthat. The olive oil can also be left overnight and washed off in the morning.In hair treatment, many specialists recommendthe applying of mayonnaise on the damaged hair. Mayonnaise is a product rich invitamins and fatty acids, as well as in protein and minerals that repairdamaged hair giving it a brilliant quality. Mayonnaise should be applied on thehair in the same way as olive oil.The egg mask is also very effectivefor the damaged hair since the eggs are high in proteins, which makes the hair stronger and more attractive. The diet should also be high in proteins.

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