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External Care

Healthy, shiny and tidy hair that reflects light and falls nicely around face is a dream of every woman. Taking care of your hair in early youth will prevent problems with it later.

Hair care should play an important role in people's lives. Shiny and healthy hair allows feeling of beauty and confidence.

In many people scalp is oily while hair is dry. This problem is effectively removed by frequent scalp massage with essential oils of patchouli, lavender and geranium.

Clean scalp means shiny hair. Hair should be washed carefully. A natural oil should be applied on the scalp which should be massaged gently with fingers for 5 minutes. It is also recommended scalp massaging with lemon juice, especially for people who have very oily hair. Citric acid destroys dandruff and makes hair glossy.

Internal Care

External care with various cosmetics is not the only solution for healthy and shiny hair. Sudden changes in diet can cause changes in hair. It can start to fall out more than usual, become dry and easily broken. Therefore, it is necessary to consume more fluids and eat fruits and vegetables during the day, so all daily needs for vitamins and minerals could be satisfied. This makes the hair beautiful, lush and brilliant.

Cup of green tea, with three small spoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of apple juice contains all the necessary vitamins and ingredients that feed and refresh hair. Also it is desirable to eat foods rich in proteins - fish, meat, cheese, milk and cereals, because the hair is 88% composed of proteins. Also, vitamin A has a beneficial effect on the scalp. The biggest source of vitamin A is carrot. Vitamins B and C are good for hair growth and hair color.

Regular diet and intake of fruit and vegetables, especially, tomatoes and citrus fruit, that are rich in folic acid help the hair growth.

Useful Tips

Honey is good for hair and skin. Heat-activated shampoos and conditioners make your hair shiny. Immediate hair shine may be gained by mixing two eggs with a little milk, applying the mixture on the hair and massaging gently for five minutes. Then, hair should be washed with shampoo. From time to time, vinegar may be applied for shiny hair, but without exaggerating because it can make the hair dry and fragile. Lukewarm water is more useful for hair, because it closes its cuticle. Using the cream during the hair washing and after drying with hair dryer. From time to time a little vodka should be put in shampoo, to achieve an immediate shine.

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