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Thick hair assumes producing more oil because in the hair root are sebaceous glands that secrete oil. Therefore, more hair, more sebaceous glands, more oil.

People with blue silk and fine hair have the highest predisposition for oily hair, while red-haired people have the least greasy hair.

Also, the type of hair affects the level of its oiliness. Thus, people with straight hair tend to have more greasy hair than people with curly hair.

Wet and warm weather causes increasing oil secretion by the sebaceous glands. Also, hormonal changes such as increased secretion of male hormone androgen affect activating the sebaceous glands, increasing oil production. The main trigger for increased secretion of androgen is stress. Therefore it is necessary to apply relaxation techniques.

Men are more prone hair greasing, not only because of androgen, but also because the hairiness. They are harrier than women in 10-15%.

Oily hair requires frequent washing in hot and humid summer days, sometimes twice a day. In this way it keeps pace with the secretion of the scalp glands oil, eliminating it.

Shampoo should be transparent, because these shampoos contain less good and eliminate oil completely. During shampooing it is advisable to massage the scalp. However, it should be done only during shampooing so the production of extra oil wouldn’t be encouraged. If the hair is extremely oily it is necessary to shampoo two times and every time should leave shampoo to act at least 5 minutes.

Oily hair and conditioner should not go together. If there is still need for using conditioner it should be applied only at the end of hair, not at its root.

Hair should be washed until it reaches the full sense of cleanliness. To slow down the secretion of oil glands in the scalp, it can be applied a natural remedy made from witch hazel (astringent) and mouthwash (antiseptic). This mixture should be applied only to the scalp with cotton pads.

People with greasy hair should comb rarely because by combing oil spreads from the root down to the hair ends.

Given that greasy hair look limp and lank it is recommended to dry it from the hair tops to its roots. Also, it can be used technique of uplifting hair with brush when drying or drying hair over head leaning forward.

The cause of oily hair can be inadequate oral contraceptives that cause hormonal changes. Therefore, before determination of certain birth control pills, it is necessary to point to a gynecologist on a problem with greasy hair.

Also, instead of mousse that dries hair too much and closes the pores, it is recommended to use beer for styling.

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