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Having a frizzy hair is a quite frequent burden whichaffects a large number of women everywhere around the world. Frizzy and dullhair is usually caused by certain types of factors such as a poor diet, weatherconditions, harsh chemical products used for hair styling and the use ofunsuitable hair products. All these factors combined together or individuallycan be held responsible for the occurrence of split ends of the hair and theloss of its moisture. Those who have curly frizzy hair have even more problemsbecause it is hard to tame it, as it still loses its shine and luster.

Dry Frizzy Hair Solutions

The best thing a woman can do to get rid of the frizzy hairis to use a gentle shampoo which has a special formula that is efficient inbalancing and moisturizing the hair follicles. During the shampooing the scalpneeds to be massaged so that the production of natural oil can be stimulated.The hair should not be shampooed too often and it should also be treated withan intensive conditioner. Most conditioners are designed to coat the strands ofthe hair by depositing a film over it which is supposed to add the missingshine and luster to the hair. The conditioner should always be left on the hairfor no more than ten minutes before being washed off thoroughly using coldwater. Most hair salons also offer the possibility of deep conditioningtreatments, but they may often be quite expensive for some. One can also maketheir own conditioner at home by using certain simple ingredients such asPanthenol (which is a moisturizer based on vitamin B), vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

Hot oils can also be a very good option for all those whosuffer from frizzy and dry hair. These oils are very efficient in maintainingproper moisture and overall health of the hair. The ones which are used mostfrequently include olive oil and coconut oil. The oil just needs to be heatedup a little bit and then applied to the hair. The hair needs to be covered witha shower cap so that the oil can soak into the roots and shafts during thenight. In the morning, the oil needs to be washed off with a mild shampoo,which needs to be followed by an application of a quality conditioner. Banana,curd and avocado can be used for the preparation of hair masks which can alsobe of great help. Strawberries and mayonnaise can also be used for the samepurposes. Proper hair care is a must.

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