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Frizzy hair is very tightly curled and mostly impossible totame or change, often representing an incessant source of dissatisfaction andfrustration for those who have it. It is extremely easily breakable andseemingly uncouth. The reason for this kind of texture is its complete lack ofmoisture which is to say that the hair is considerably dried out. However this condition does have solutions and there are ways to improve the quality ofsuch hair.

Causes of frizzy hair

The basis for the proper and effective treatment for frizzyhair lies in determining its cause. Sometimes frizzy hair is genetic, whileother times it occurs due to overexposure to the sun and hot, damp weather.Another reason for frizzy hair can include various hairstyles and changes whichinclude different chemicals or devices which have a damaging effect on thehair such as blow dryers, perms, hair irons, and hair bleach.

Natural therapy for frizzy hair

The first and most basic thing to do is to try and keep thehair as natural as possible. That means avoiding dying it or applying any ofthe above-mentioned chemicals and devices to it. Too much brushing is alsocompletely unnecessary as it can only lead to hair damage and cause split ends.

Secondly, leading a healthy lifestyle is as beneficial for thehair as it is for anything else. A healthy diet including a balanced amount ofproteins, vitamins and carbohydrates, keeping away from anxiety, sleepingregularly and drinking a lot of water will improve hair quality.

Furthermore when washing the hair it is recommended to doit with warm water. What warm water does is open the pores in the scalp,allowing the shampoo and the conditioner to go straight into the roots andsupply it with sufficient moisture. On the other hand, the products aresupposed to be washed out with cold water in order to close the pores againand prevent further frizzing. The most effective conditioners are the oneswhich contain vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It is enough to leave the conditioner onfor about five minutes, but for the best results possible the hair should bewrapped up in a towel with the conditioner still on for about 15 minutes. Onefinal thing that is important to remember regarding the process of hair washingis that it should not be rubbed dry with a towel afterward. A better solutionis to simply stroke it lightly just so the towel could soak up the water.

Finally, hair masks and oils are recommended for giving thehair some extra care.

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