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Frizzy hair is one of the most frustrating problems regarding the hair. It looks unattractive and it does not feel good to touch either. Several factors contribute to frizzy hair, such as lack of moisture, dryness, brushing the hair while wet, pollution, overuse of hair products, frequent blow-drying and other heat treatments, unhealthy diet and harsh weather.

Normal grooming such as shampooing and conditioning is sometimes not enough to manage or repair frizzy hair. There are, however, several very effective hair masks that can fix this problem. For best results, these masks should be combined with proper hair care.

Hair masks for frizzy hair

The best masks for frizzy hair are those that use the same ingredients as masks for dry and brittle hair. These ingredients make the hair smooth, shiny and manageable. Olive oil is one of those ingredients, and it can be combined with other beneficial items. A simple olive oil mask can be made by mixing three tablespoons of this oil with one cup of honey. The mast should be applied with hair dye brush, section per section, and allowed to work for 30 minutes.

Honey can also be combined with strawberries. Ten strawberries, medium sized, mashed into a smooth pulp, should be mixed with three tablespoons of honey. Alternatively, strawberries can be mixed with one tablespoon of mayonnaise. Both of these masks should be left on the hair for 30 minutes, covered with a shower cap.

Another great hair mast for frizzy hair uses bananas. It is made from one ripe banana, mashed and mixed with one spoon of olive oil and two spoons of mayonnaise. Hair masks that use mayonnaise should be washed off with the shampoo, otherwise the hair might get a greasy, oily look. Mayonnaise can also be combined with avocado.

These masks are home-made and they use basic kitchen ingredients. However, effective hair masks for frizzy hair can be purchased at drugstores and other shops as well. One of the best is hot coconut oil mask, which is a bit more difficult to make at home and most people prefer buying it as a ready-made product. The bottle containing coconut oil should be warmed up before application in a bowl of hot water. When the oil is applied all over the hair, the hair should be wrapped in a hot towel and left like that for an hour. This mask is one of the best and most reliable remedies for frizzy hair.

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