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One of the consequences of aging is the appearanceof wrinkles on various parts of the body. Actually, the wrinkles represent thefirst sign of it. Do you remember how you felt the day when you noticed thefirst wrinkle on your face? Or neck? Certainly, you were upset, distressedand frustrated.

Although the wrinkles cannot be stopped completelyfrom emerging on the skin, there are several ways in which we can slow theirappearance and reduce the visibility of those wrinkles that havealready appeared. The neck is almost always visible part of the body, which is why the wrinkles on the neck should be reduced as well.

Getting rid of neck wrinkles

The first thing that those who smoke should do is tostop smoking immediately. For those who are not smokers it is advisable toavoid spending much time in a room filled with smoke. The smoke tends to impair the healthy skin and it tends to induce discoloration. The one who pays attention to his/her skincondition should also avoid consuming alcohol and various narcotics.The wrinkles on the neck, as well as the face andeye wrinkles, can be prevented from appearing if we do not expose our skin tothe sun’s rays for a long period of time. Therefore, whenever we are outside onthe sun, we should protect our skin with the creams or lotions.Furthermore, since the skin is a sensitive organprone to many disorders, it should be cleansed and moisturized everyday. However,even when doing that, many people forget to apply the moisturizers on the neckskin. It is extremely important to hydrate and moisture the neck as well sincethis moisturizing will reduce the present wrinkles and prevent the forming ofnew ones.Washing the neck frequently is very important sincethe appearance of the neck wrinkles can be reduced significantly by doing it. Duringa day, the skin on the neck is exposed and collects much dirt, sweat and grit, which, if not removed for a long time, may make the existing wrinklesdeeper than they already are and the skin can get uneven tone and become discolored.Exfoliating of the neck skin is also highly recommendedsince the dead skin layer should be removed in order to allow the healthy skinlayer to emerge and shine. Thus our neck skin is regenerated and looks smootherand brighter than before with no visible wrinkles or fine lines.

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