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The Importance of Young and HealthySkin

Many people, especially female part ofthe population will agree that young looking face is what all strivefor when it comes to anti-age aesthetics. Although Adobe Photoshopand similar software may help you out on your photos, the reality isa bit harder to maintain as far as young look is concerned.Dermatological assistance is a necessity in most cases, and properinforming, adequate choice of means and many other factors may trulystop or reduce the effect aging has on your face and your overallskin.

Supplements for Healthy Skin

You have probably noticed the emphasison antioxidants in almost every skin preservation product commercial.Even though this is true, not every antioxidant is necessary for ourskin, let alone absorbed by it. Only three have been proven to havepositive effect, protecting our skin against the harmful influencesof sun rays and any cancer-related conditions. Regardless, dosage andadequate application is crucial, so, before making any choices ormoves you might regret, you should consult with a dermatologist.

First of the above mentionedantioxidants is selenium. This mineral has many beneficial qualitiesfor our skin. First of all, it protects it form harmful impact ofultraviolet sun rays, reducing danger of developing skin cancer or asimilar condition. Secondly, it makes our skin tissue more flexibleand strong, providing it with a younger look and feel. Selenium isbest to be taken from natural sources such as whole grains, eggs andgarlic.

Second comes vitamin E. Excellent withtreating and reducing the effects of sunburn on your skin cells, aswell as protecting many enzymes in our skin cells, this vitamin isexcellent to be taken either through nutrition, or through topicalapplication. Plant oils are rich in this vitamin, so it can be easilyand abundantly found in sunflower oil, wheat, nuts, meat, and dairyproducts. Combining it with vitamin A, only adds on to theeffectiveness and health value.

The next one is vitamin C. Naturallyfound in our skin, this vitamin prevents skin cancer and aging aswell. Its deficiency leads to many skin-related health problems, andit is triggered mostly by, sun rays, smoking and exposure to pollution.Although topical application has shown to be effective means ofprotection against sun, it is still quite unstable and significantlyless effective when in contact with oxygen. Thus, regular intake offruits and vegetable, not going below five times a day, or regularlytaking supplements containing this vitamin ensures one's body withsafety against many illnesses and conditions, especially thoseconnected with skin.

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