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When going to a gym, the only things needed are the dedicationand a good plan. At first, the plan is not needed at least until a person knowsexactly what muscle groups needs to be focused on with exercises. It is noteasy to exercise properly because not only gym is required for creating the bestresults. It seems that going to a gym and using some sort of a diet, or at leasthealthy eating, go hand in hand. Combining those two properly will net the bestresults.


Muscle groups that are usually worked out are torso (frontwith chest and abdominal area and back with lat muscle as the biggest in thearea), arms and legs. While some muscles are easily built and pumped, theremight be problems with some other. For example, results with arms come easilybecause arms are almost always used. They can be working while doing somecompletely different muscle group, but abs and the chest area can be problematic.Abdominal muscles can quickly become strong, that is true, but being able tosee those muscles is something that needs an additional effort in the fat eliminationprocess.

There are several tactics and strategies when it comes toperforming the best chest exercises for the mass. Some say that a combination ofincline barbell bench press, flat bench press and cable flies is the best formaking the best out of the chest area. Those are basic, simple exercises, butactually, nothing more is required. Number of sets for the first two exercisesshould be 3 with the reps set at 8 or 10. Cable flies needs not more than 2sets, with 12 reps. Only three exercises with not many reps and sets create ashort, but very hard and intensive workout, which should increase the chest masseasily.

If there is some excessive fat present, it should beeliminated, which can be done with cardio exercises and dieting. Push ups arealso recommended in all forms.


Of course, it is important to eat properly, to take a lot ofproteins since they are essential when building muscle mass. Fats and carbsshould be reduced, but not drastically. Healthy fats in the form of olive oilare welcomed, while carbs still present the best energy source for us. Goodplan with the intensive workout and healthy meals is all that is needed forcreating a strong and beautiful body. Other than those two, only dedication should be present.

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