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Mexican food is one of the most popular types of cuisine andit dates back to the 19th century. Mexican food originates from theregions of Central America and South America. It is derived directly from thetraditional Spanish and South American ways of preparing food. This cuisine isactually a specific type of fusion which took place mainly because the Europeancountries started colonizing the American continent. Spanish cooking styleprovides a strong influence on the Mexican style of cooking and that is notonly in terms of ingredients used. Numerous types of sauces and recipes arederived from Europe. Ingredients for the Mexican rice recipe are mostlyborrowed from South American cuisine while the method of cooking the rice in afrying pan originates from Europe. Mexican rice is among the most popular fooditems when it comes to choosing among the numerous delicious types of dishesfrom the Mexican food menus. Those who are interested in how much calories the Mexicanrice contains can be calculated quite easily.

Ingredients and Nutrients of Mexican Rice

Analyzing the ingredient of Mexican rice is simply notenough, because one must also pay attention to all the nutrients it contains.The major ingredient of Mexican rice is the long grain white rice. It is jampacked with different carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fibers. Unpolished,whole rice grains are very healthy and they provide the human body withnumerous benefits. Other important ingredients of Mexican rice includevegetable oil and chicken. They are excellent sources of proteins and fats.Other ingredients, used mainly to enhance the aroma and the taste includecilantro, onion, cumin, pepper, herbs and tomatoes. They are also very rich invarious proteins and vitamins. Mexican rice is very efficient in providing avery healthy balance of different sorts of essential nutrients. This is whyMexican rice can be consumed very frequently on a regular basis.

Mexican Rice Calories

Calories are a way of measuring the energy contained in eachfood product. Dietitians use it to describe the amount of energy each food itemcarries. An average serving of Mexican rice commonly contains somewhere around220 calories. The same serving commonly also contains certain other importantnutrients: 2 grams of fiber, 3 grams of proteins, 33 grams of carbohydrates,910 milligrams of sodium, 6 grams of total fat out of which there are about 2grams of saturated fats.

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