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Chicken wings calories

Information on Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are enjoyed pretty much everywhere around the world but most people do not consider the amount of calories contained in chicken wings since they are very delicious. They can be consumed in various different forms as they can be barbecued, grilled or baked.

Chicken is an important part of numerous cuisines and diet types all around the globe. It is actually one of the most important food items in most countries of the world. One of the healthiest ways to consume chicken is actually chicken soup and it can be beneficial for both sick and healthy persons. It can even be served to toddlers.

Chicken is an excellent source of proteins so it is an integral part of every athlete’s diet. It can be incorporated in numerous different types of dish recipes and it is very healthy because it commonly does not contain plenty of calories.

Chicken Wings Calories

Chicken wings can be prepared and cooked in numerous different ways but they are usually barbecued, grill, fried, baked or deep fried. Grilled chicken usually needs to be marinated before the actual grilling and the marinade can  be prepared from various ingredients such as oil, thyme, vinegar, orange juice, ketchup, orange peel, seasonings, mustard, citric acid, honey, garlic, soy sauce, cumin and oregano.

Grilled, fried and baked chicken wings usually need to be served with different types of toppings and the most common ones usually include mushrooms, cilantro, cheese, avocados, corn kernels, tomatoes and black beans. Each different chicken wings dish provides the human body with a different amount of calories which depends on the way the dish is prepared and the ingredients contained. Chicken wings can also be lean, with or without bones and skin and so on and that will also affect the amount of calories contained in the dish.

Each wing of raw chicken prepared for cooking may contain up to 94 calories. A chicken wing with no bones may contain somewhere around 159 calories. One medium sized fried chicken wing contains approximately 102 calories while the same sized grilled chicken wing may contain up to 80 calories.

A serving of 100 grams of barbecued chicken wings contains somewhere around 180 calories. A serving of 4 ounces of baked chicken wings contains 280 calories. A serving of boneless buffalo wing salad may contain up to 540 calories. It is always the healthiest option to bake, grill or roast the chicken wings.

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