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Information of Quinoa

Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal and it is actually one of the monsoonand tropical crops which can be characterized as a remarkable source of variousdifferent types of essential nutrients. It is one of the lesser known plantswhich have superior proportions of calories and nutrition. It originates fromSouth America and is most commonly grown in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. It isalso cultivated in other regions of the world, but to a slightly lesser extent.Cooked red quinoa has different nutritional values than the normal crop.Uncooked and sprouted quinoa has the lowest amount of calories contained.

Quinoa: Plant and Crop

All cultivators will always agree on the fact that thehighest paying crop is always the best one. Some others may add that the best cropis actually the one which provides the largest amounts of food and essentialnutrients without requiring too much end specifications or being too demanding.As far as those terms go, quinoa may be considered to be a wonder crop. It hasbeen cultivated for the daily consumption in the Andes, even before the timesof European invasion. Quinoa can be cultivated in virtually any type of soiland it also does not have any specific preferences concerning the climate.Different geographical regions may spawn seeds with different features. Quinoais a Chenopodium plant which means that it bears pseudo-cereal grains. Thismeans that it actually is not a cereal plant neither it is a green plant. It ismore of an in between thing. Quinoa is a goosefoot species and it is actually aclose relative of certain other species of plants such as spinach, beets andtumbleweed. The grains of quinoa are fluffy and very light and their flavor canbe described as very delicious, if not a little starchy and nutty. Quinoa can be used for the preparation ofnumerous different types of dishes and is an integral part of various recipes.It is also used very often as an alternative for the rice. It can beincorporated as a side dish, it blends well with vegetables and condiments andit can also be served as a second course, and in some cases even as a thirdcourse.

Cooked Quinoa Calories

It is always important not to overcook the quinoa because itmay lead to lost nutrients. Half a cup of cooked quinoa grains contains 127calories, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 2 grams of fat, 23.5 grams ofcarbohydrates, 251.5 milligrams of potassium, 4.5 grams of protein and 10milligrams of sodium.

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